| 2016 | 2017 |
Jan 1Happy 2017!
Jan 2Rebuild that wall
Jan 3There is a fine line between love and hate
Jan 4How did we end up here?
Jan 5When hours feel like minutes
Jan 6What if we had never met?
Jan 7Just be yourself
Jan 8Find your player 2
Jan 9Don’t trust people that say trust
Jan 10Learn to appreciate the people around you
Jan 11I don’t want to feel anymore
Jan 12When you get someone the wrong gift
Jan 13What if someone made decisions for you?
Jan 14I hate that I like eating so much
Jan 15Distance means nothing
Jan 16Letting Go
Jan 17Moving On
Jan 18So Close
Jan 19What do you want to do now?
Jan 20An Almost Compliment
Jan 21It’s okay to ask for help
Jan 22Taking a Chance
Jan 23It was a trap
Jan 24Never again
Jan 25When someone speaks your language and understands you
Jan 25Bell Let’s Talk
Jan 25There is always someone out there ready to listen
Jan 25Bring kindness wherever you go
Jan 25Break the silence
Jan 26Apologizing
Jan 27Daily Stabbing
Jan 28Happy Chinese New Year!
Jan 29We need to talk
Jan 30Sometimes I just want to scream
Jan 31Don’t play with someone’s feelings
Feb 1Being human
Feb 2Tinder for Robots – Step 1
Feb 3Bad News
Feb 4Helping other people
Feb 5Forgetting
Feb 6Nice, happy things
Feb 7What if robots could be president?
Feb 8I’m being serious
Feb 9When operating systems get along
Feb 10There will never be a perfect time
Feb 11Happy 100!
Feb 13Make a wish
Feb 14Happy Valentine’s Day!
Feb 15Falling
Feb 16The unwanted seed
Feb 17Sacrifice
Feb 18We’re in trouble
Feb 19Soaking up the sun
Feb 20Happy Family Day!
Feb 21Lines of communication
Feb 22Pink Shirt Day
Feb 26Leaving forever
Mar 19The Jetsons
Mar 20A Sleeping Cat
Mar 223rd day of Spring